STEEM FOR BETTERLIFE | My Diary Game Of Tuesday 30/08/2022 | Having Fever And Headache

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Hello Friend's 👋,

Good morning to y'all. Welcome to my blog and I wish y'all are doing great. It's another edition of my daily activities which I am very happy to be dropping down it down here. It's my diary game of yesterday Tuesday 30/08/2022 which was a day I spend through out at home with light headache and fever

Dear Diary,

morning period 🌅

Before 5:30 am, I was up and it was rather unfortunate that I didn't wake up feeling strong and healthy as before because of the fever and headache I had. However, I still had to pray to God almighty and thank him for everything. I finished praying then went and eased myself and return back to my bed. It was easy as the headache and fever increased, however, I still manage to create and publish one article.

I got finished then emmidiately step out of bed and brush my teeth and cleaned my face then went to a nearby pharmacy and bought some medicines and return back then took my breakfast so that I could drink my medicine

my breakfast

After taking my breakfast, I then drank my medicine and was feeling much more better and relief

my medicine

When I took the medicine and was feeling better, u decided to work on steemit since It was my day moderating at Steem4Bloggers community. So I reviewed few articles then rested. The headache and fever was increasing as the day was going so I decided to sleep and rest for a while

Afternoon 🌞 period

I woke up from bed at 1pm feeling much more better then I decided to seat outside under the sun. After seating there for about 30mins, I entered the house then kept on my laptop and started entertaining myself with movies as I was watching them and passing time. My aunt had cook rice and egussi soup, so she served me with some and I ate.

rice and egussi soup

After eating, I then took my medicines then continued watching movies in my laptop so that I could be entertaining myself with

Evening 🌆 Period

In the evening, I reviewed few articles in Steem4Bloggers community before attempting to participate in one engagement contest but couldn't since I wasn't having the energy to write. However, I heated my water and bath with it since I couldn't bath with cold water. After bathing, I chatted with few friends online then slept very early at about 8pm which is not actually my sleeping time. It was because I wasn't feeling okay


That was how my yesterday was spend dear friends. It was rather unfortunate that I wasn't feeling fine and it's so strange to me because I hadly fall sick. However, it was still a great day which I spend and I thank God almighty for all his marvelous work in my life

My regards : @chiabertrand

 2 years ago 

Headache and fever can really broken someone for the whole day without doing anything .Makes you to feel and inactive ,Ashia I wish you quick recovery

 2 years ago 

Thanks so much dear... Atleast I have fully recovered

 2 years ago 

We thank God for quick recovery

Very nice dairygame blog bro @chiabertrand , take medicine timely is good for fast recovery. Your food is also seems delicious.

 2 years ago 

Yes medicine is very necessary brother and I have fully recovered. Thanks for the appreciation of my meal

Headaches are something I despise so much. Sorry to hear about yours and it’s all probably due to stress. I wish you a speedy recovery.

 2 years ago 

I'm telling you bro, headache is something that can bring you confusion 🤣🤣. But atleast I'm glad that I have been recovered. Thanks so much for the concern

 2 years ago 

I thank God you feel better now! Health is as important as wealth. It is good not to look down on any of them.

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