Steem Cameroon Contest - My Steemit Status Recorder week10 : 23-05-2022

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Hello 👋,

Steem greetings to everyone in here, I'm trusting God you are all doing great and I hope y'all spent your weekend perfectly, it's another edition of the status recorder Contest and we are already into week10. So I will happily be dropping down my first entry for this week and hopefully, I will participate in all.

Status 1

This picture was taken last week Monday as I went to the field to play football with my friends. It's certain that I always go to the field every Monday to play football with my friends since it's always ghost town

Status 2

chaaaaaiii 🤣🤣, I couldn't stop laughing when I saw this particular picture on a friend's status. I use to remember when I was still growing up because I was involved in this type of dressing as my friends and I will decide to go to the market to just to buy one particular design of a new dress. We use to dress only on occasion days with🤣🤣. That time I thought we are the biggest boys in town

Status 3

chaaaaaiii some people can talked. I saw this picture on a friend's status as he boldly write that this particular house we see is own by a man with so many wives🤣🤣. And to be sincere, this might be true though we may be seeing it to be very funny. I really wonder how this type of large families usually cope.

Status 4

Last week, we all experience what happened to crypto as it experienced a drastically decrease most especially the LUNA. it was extremely terrible because It also affected me so much as a trader. I learned some people even went to an extend of committing suicide.. I just uploaded this picture for fun by saying that I will better manage this food than to go and commit suicide like others who where also affected in a very bad way

Status 5

I took this picture last week when I was about going out. I told my kid brother to help me snap the picture for me . So I decided to put it on status for my viewers


I hope everyone enjoyed my statuses. Thanks very much @fombae for always organizing such amazing contests.

See you guys in my subsequent edition

Much regards : @chiabertrand

 2 years ago 

Waoohoo bro I can see that you have taken a new dimensions of your work but am happy with your new experience and it make me more impire everyday as time goes by

 2 years ago 

We always have to steem on no matter what. A committed Steemian will never lack what to blog in his/her blog.

Thanks for always checking on me

 2 years ago 

U are always welcome brother

 2 years ago 

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Steem greetings @chiabertrand,

Your post has been curated with the Steem Cameroon Curation Account.

Steem Cameroon appreciates your dedication and encourages you to do more.

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Reviewed by: @wase1234

 2 years ago 

Thanks for the review @wase1234.. I didn't self vote my self. This was as a result of the curation trial which I joined in @steemkidss community. So when the community account voted on my post, my account also automatically voted on my post. I use my voting power to support others and that's what I always do. I can never self vote my self... This is the only bad effect of this curation trial

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