Diary Game of Monday 27th November 2023: Hanging Out With The Boys

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Monday with a difference

We all know how Mondays are around the parts of Northwest and Southwest Cameroon, but mostly in the Northwest, it's usually very quiet and only a few persons move around either to perform one or few tasks such as getting rid of the trash, getting some runs in or selling fruits, apart from that everyone just seats at home.

How my day went

Good morning

I woke up very early due to my alarm and thanks to God for the good night sleep after hearing my alarm I immediately turned it off and went back to bed to continue sleeping, obviously it was gonna be a boring day so why bother wake up early. I woke up again at 8am to get my chores done and started watching films and playing games.

A little bird

I had to go.out and also get rid of the trash as planned and as I always do on Mondays (it's my favorite thing to do) but I just stayed in my room watching the outdoors until this bird came to join me, what a surprise, it perched at my window to rest it's wings and it stayed longer than I thought so I had this picture taken... I almost started having a conversation with it 😂😂 but thank God for sanity..

At 10am I decided to go get rid of the trash, I took along with me my phones so I can listen to music and take pictures, I got to where they throw dirt and I was met by my Aunt who asked me to go help out my brothers to split wood.

Work done

On getting there, I saw they had done a good job splitting a few so I joined in the work and men I did so much splitting that I had an injury on my hands due to blisters, though the blisters couldn't make me stop, the pain from it was great so I had to stop and we started drinking to keep us hydrated (not water).

What were drinking

There was enough for everyone there alongside some chewables which kept us energized to continue the work. After a while of working we all got tired and started playing ludo games to keep the fun going while staying "hydrated" the games went on and on until we were called to come have lunch at past 4pm. It always bring me joy when I hear them saying come and have lunch.

Delicious meal

The meal was corn fufu and vegetables, so delicious and we had the meal together while having a laugh in the conversation we were having, it was obvious that at this point most of us were already drunk from taking the wine 😂 I was a little tipsy.



After the meal, we started packing the wood we had split to a place that was safe enough to avoid stealing and to reduce dirt, this took a while and at this point where most of us were drunk,.it was only 2 of us doing the work meaning after a while we also gave up and joined the majority in drinking and having fun.

The boys making noise

It was already past 5pm and I'm sure I was also drunk though I still had control, I was able to get this picture to save the moment, this was the boys making noise at the roadside and screaming out their lungs 😂 and also buying more drinks for themselves.

It didn't take up to 30minutes for me to realize that I had to leave that place and get back home, so I bundled myself and we left...


I got home and had to make myself some dinner for the night, so I bought spaghetti to make a sauté with I got in my house at 6pm and as I was feeling dizzy, I first laid on the floor, there was no pain felt from the job I did but I knew I'd feel it the following day

Dinner server

Surprisingly, I was able to make the food and got to eat at past 8pm, then took a bathe at 10pm then started feeling the long awaited pains, first on my head, then my hands then my body so I just rushed to bed to make sure I get unconscious before the pains go beyond my bearing point and let my body heal.


Thanks for reading



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