Steem Cameroon Poetry Contest Season 6 - (Body Shaming)

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Hello hello Steem Cameroon community, it's been quite a while i wrote to you all, i thank @majerius for always bringing up this contest. The topic of this week is very touching. As touching this matter of "body shaming" , here's what I have to say.

What is body shaming?

Body shaming for me is the act of cruelty where one person or a group of persons look down, insult or criticize another person because of an inability, impeairment or body feature.
Examples can be body colour, Body shape.

How has body shaming influenced you?

Body Shaming hasn't influenced me directly as much, but it made me feel bad. Coz a friend of mine in secondary school was body shamed almost all the time. I have had a bad view of body shaming since then.

I always felt bad each time they made mockery of how dark he was, how he had a big head and stammered each time he wanted to answer a question in class. He was such an intelligent person and had a great sense of humour but those not close to him saw the timid and reserved student.

I always drew close to him to comfort him coz most times he had no one to play or discuss with. He always was alone staring at one position. I put myself in his shoes and I saw that he was going through so much pain.


He was guy with a name who wanted to be treated normal
The moral standards of others ended up treating him abnormal

Filled with guilt for being born coz of the pains he bore,
He was left all alone to be bored

All he needed from his peers was care,
All he got in return was scare

Filled with wounds, he was covered his scars
They drove him so crazy, as though he was a Porsche Carrera

Look not at the container, but check the content
The outward looks of a man is useless.
When his heart is pure and genuine

Called Big head when all he had was a big heart
A heart pure and gentle

Called "noir cirage" with dreams big as that of Jack Chirac
In a real world he lived a mirage of himself.

Sustained pain from stammering,
Getting tagged for stuttering
All he gain was fame

Body shamed for being created in the image and likeness of God,
All he wanted was a name
His name turned to shame
Because of the names, his shame turned to fame.


Body Shaming isnt a good practice and should be punishable by law. A person's body type shouldn't be a way by which others insult and reject others. If the oppressed hasn't had enough enthusiasm, he may commit suicide because he's rejected by the society.



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