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Hello steemians
Hope you are doing good, it’s really been a challenge for me to post consistently for the past weeks due to electrical power failure.
I’ll like to start by thanking @steem-cameroon and @fombae for bringing up volume 7 of this contest.

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The first screenshot above shows an upcoming crusade to take place in yaounde at foyer bandjoun carrefour etoa-meki djoungolo. There will be great ministers of God from Nigeria like Minister Theophilus Sunday and apostle Joshua selman. My brother too from bamenda The worshiper Herncho will also be ministering live at the crusade And this crusade is scheduled to take place from the 28th to the 31st of October 2021.

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The second screenshot above is an image of a pirated copy of an iPhone 11 pro max which is really a fake phone because the original iPhone 11 Pro Max doesn’t have such an internal system. When ever I come across such a device, instantly the images of places where these kind of phones are sold immediately pops up in my head.

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The third screenshot above shows the image of a video came character. The characters name is Kratos who is very fierce and the name of the game is GOD OF WAR. I’m not really a fan of video games but I fell in love with play station because of this game. I had to buy a ps 3 about 7 months back just because of this game tho I sold it about 4 months later and planning on buying ps 4 in December just because of this game.

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The fourth screenshot above shows a group of talented gospel instrumentalists in bamenda called Gifted Hands. They are actually the best in the northwest region and in Cameroon. The Gifted Hands make their Debut with an Original jazzy, melodic live arrangement of the soul gospel vibe Of Cash App By Zion Gospel choir. Here’s a short teaser of the Cash App of Zion Choir Arrangement. Here’s the link to the full video

Watch and please leave a Comment.

  • Nathan bass on the bass guitar

  • @drumblac on the drum kit

  • Masango Caleb on the keyboard 🎹.

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The fifth screenshot above shows a man sleeping in a a very funny position. This post is just to create fun. The image is captioned “when they tell you say all-night nodi di go with alcohol you say ya middle name na strong head” . When you have been drinking all through the day and then you are forced my your wife later on in the evening to go for night vigil, this will be the end result.

Thnks for reading


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Oh thank you my bro❤❤❤

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