#Club5050 | Betterlife The Diary Game - 26/11/2021 | by @benjamin09

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Greetings dear steemians and welcome to my diary game post for Friday the 26th of November 2021.





I woke up on Friday at 9am because I was really tired from my workouts on Thursday. My alarm did not also ring. I went online and checked if we had a class and to my greatest surprise, the class we were to have started at 12pm. I was very happy. I thought that I nearly slept through a class. I went online and checked on my messages and stuff.

By 10am, I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up. Had my bath and brushed my teeth. I went to the kitchen, but unfortunately for me, there was nothing to eat. So I decided to eat at the school restaurant commonly known as "amphi shi". A plate of food costs only 100frs.

Since they open at 11am, I decided to sit at home and wait for time to pass. While at home, I decided to read some crypto academy posts and start doing them. I had done done for the week.

By 11:50am, I went to the school restaurant and met a long line there. This is because today, what was being served was bread and beans and it is cooked to be very delicious.




By 12:30pm, it was finally my turn to hand over my tickets and receive food. I had bought 3 tickets, meaning 3 plates of food. But when I handed over my 3 tickets, the lady told me that only 3 loaves of bread were left and she could not give me all. She started telling me to wait for the rice which was being cooked. Can you really imagine such nonsense? After waiting for over 30 minutes, she is refusing to give me food which is still available? I had to stand there and argue before she could give me 2 loaves of the bread and beans. I sacrificed the last bread because the lady after me had just 1 ticket and doesn't like rice and beans.


I took this picture when I was almost done with eating. I kept 1 loaf of bread in my bag, saving it to be eaten later on in the evening at home. Since I still had 1 extra ticket left, I had to wait for the rice to be brought so I could eat rice and beans. The rice and beans was brought later at around 1:30pm.



While I was waiting for the rice and beans, I started writing my crypto academy post. And by the time I got back home, I continued writing. I also started off with the other beginner post as well. I then proceeded to make the cover images of both posts which I was to post later in the night. I used Pixellab to create these images.




By 6pm, I was hungry, so I decided to fry spaghetti and egg to eat with the bread I had saved from the restaurant earlier in the day.


It was very delicious. When I was done eating, I continued making my crypto homework posts and slept off.
That was all about my day.


Thank you for reading. God bless you.


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