The Diary Game:21/08/2021

in Steem Cameroon4 months ago

Good afternoon everyone ,
Just returned to my family compound somedays ago and here i was supprised we now rare animals in the compound(pigs,chicks).

Yesterday i had much on my plate i had to go to the farm,run alot of errands but got caught up by the rain so had to withhold some events for the day,i wasnt previleged to post yesterday because my phone was low plus no lights but i knew i had to show you guys what i was up to..


Here,my younger brother,sister and i had to feed the pigs


One escaped his cage and to carry him up was a whole big problem so we tied it up and tried feeding him on the spot..

Then off to the farm we went..

Im not really a great fan of animals though im intriged by nature😅 and i was scared at first but i got to understand that we are actually the ones that scare domestic animals making them misbehave especially if we show a lot of doubts and fears on our faces,but if we are just calm they too will be calm for they act according to how we treat them💆‍♀️
Thanks have a nice day!

 4 months ago 

What a brief day you had there courage on your work.

 4 months ago 

Thankyou, the rain stopped me from finishing the day though

 4 months ago 

I love pigs but now they say sick de hold pig so how will I eat pork😃

 4 months ago 

Weh ashia u,n its true oh thats y we haven't sold any yet n we're hoping they dont fall sick too

 4 months ago 

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Steem Cameroon team

 4 months ago 

@steemcameroon @fombae thankyou,
i have heard, looking forward to that...stay blessed🙏

 4 months ago 

Aow I can imagine your surprise. I'm a little scared of pigs though if I were you I wouldn't be able to feed them lol. Nice you're helping out your family

 4 months ago 

Trust me i had that fear oh till i made it run away then later my junior brother told me to be calm and just walk towards it like its nothing i did and there i was feeding it😅but from the photo you can see i was still scared as i gave much distance while feeding it...its not easy thanks

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 3 months ago 

Looking forward to that thanks😊

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