The Uganda Steemit Meet-up - here is what transpired

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What a great, amazing and a very remarkable fun moment we have had today as a steem community in Uganda. I met up with the new steemians in Uganda. People had to know a little bit about each other, therefore, we kicked off the session by introducing ourselves to each other. I was the organiser and therefore I began off by introducing myself to the team.


Others followed, each of the members introduced themselves. I then took over the mic and shared abit about steemit and my experience on it. How I joined the platform 2years ago and my experience over the years.

The meeting was attended by @mariez, @ariseandshine, @amastella, @hymee, @jacquilinena, @gruccifarry, @marjor, and me(@yohan2on). Some never made it to the meeting. They sent their apologies as they got caught up with other things and those included @rammyjays, @quinnealexa, @faithmuwonge, @semakulajr, @arnoldxavi



Though some missed the meeting, those that attended had an exciting and worthwhile moment together. This has built a sense of togetherness. I shared with them some refreshments (soft drinks) plus some eats such as chapatis. The chapatis were very uniquely prepared from home. They had pumpkin, Irish potatoes and wheat mixed together. These were very tasty. There was alot to share with them. I was like a radio before them during the session because I had allot to share with them.

The few highlights of what I shared were: about the present opportunities on steemit and the incoming diary game season 2 opportunity that is scheduled to start on Saturday next weekend.



During the session, they asked me some questions about steemit and I responded to all of them positively. They were all satisfied as they ran out of what to ask me. Some of the questions they asked were: How to post on steemit? How to apply tags? How to follow someone? How to search for a user on steemit? How to withdraw the steem tokens? What is Steempower?

I called upon them to prepare for an active participation in the forth coming diary game season 2 as we all need to make some great points while working towards achieving the 8000 steem prize that has been offered by the steemit team @steemitblog @steemcurator01

I informed them of my plans to select a team of 5 active steemians from them. I added that I need to select those that I can trust that they will be very active in the challenge.

After this meet-up, I can now say that my team is ready. I have already chosen the 5 very active Ugandan steemians that I am going to participate with in the diary game. I will be announcing them shortly in my future blog post.

I also Informed and clarified to them about the ongoing shoppinggame that is running up-to 31st/07/2020. Thanks to @mariez for sharing her experience with the shoppinggame of how she happened to win the game afew days ago.

I further shared with them about the ongoing pro-minnow program that they need to keep participating in as they continue waiting for the diary game season 2 that is set to begin next weekend.

I advised them to create twitter accounts because the steem team is appealing to all steemians to share their content on twitter. Afew of them had twitter accounts, the rest are just going to create their twitter accounts with a purpose of promoting steem on that forum.

Thanks so much for reading and supporting.
Stay tuned for more updates about the Uganda Steem team.


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Thanks so much!.

No problem 🤜🏾🤛🏾

Congratulations on the successful Steem Meetup.

We look forward to seeing the Uganda team in Season 2 of The Diary Game.

The Steemit Team

Thanks so much Steemit team for the generous support. I will ensure that we show up in the great spirit of hardwork and determination to win that challenge. I will soon announce my potential team of 5 Ugandans that will be set to compete with the rest of the teams in other various countries.

Hello yohan2on!

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Genial @yohan2on, los felicito…

Great @yohan2on, congratulations ...

Thanks so much @elmundodexao for the appreciation.

Good work man, Success can be achieved by trying. You can make a small effort to move #steem forward.

Thanks so much for your comment. Step by step we shall always add value to the steem chain. Let's keep on steeming by recruitment and engaging more on the steem Blockchain.

So inspiring to s ehow far steemit has came. We are blessed to have the Uganda Steem team keep up the hard work. Well done!

Thanks so much for your kind words and for passing by to acknowledge such a great initiative for our steem Blockchain.

Well done @yohan2on. The meetup seems cool. Thst is the only way we can onboard more people. Nice work there.

Thanks so much for the appreciation. Will keep doing my best in recruiting as many people as possible as I also continue organising such meet-ups for purposes of mentoring, and keeping them engaged in our #steem world.

Thanks for your comment.

You are highly welcome bro

Nigeria steem members let's do the same thing. Nice one Uganda

Thanks so much! Please go ahead and do the same. This is also one of the great way to morale boost your community. Steem on!

I see has been so great, thanks for such a wonderful work @yohan2 May God bless you

Thanks so much @arnoldxavi for the appreciation.

You have been doing great, good to see that Uganda is warming up, you inspire me with your great works, keep doing what you are doing, you can as well tell excess members of you team to form team of 5 and work together. I see uganda doing great too. Thanks for all your works as you make stemmit known to others. A big thumbs up to you. Carry on bro.

Thanks so much #Steem brother for a thoughtful comment. Its very motivating to keep doing my best for my fellow steem community members in my country.

I will surelly advise the rest of the members to Create their own team of 5 that will also compete in the diary game season 2.

@yohan2on,it was a pleasure meeting you and the other steemians.
You did a great job with the meet up and i enjoyed every bit of it.
Its a great family of steemians.cant wait for season2 of the diary game

Your presence added value to the meet-up. Thanks for being an inspiration to the newbies in Uganda. Just a reminder, you are part of my team that is going to put up some great and productive work in the incoming season 2 of the diary game.

That's really good for people with the same interest, to meet, know about each other, discussed what matters to them, and at the end benefits from each other's success or knowledge. It is one the things that we suppose to be doing as a human, to bring something new that we know will bring progress and positive change to all. Wish others from other places will copy from you! Have a nice day!

Thanks so much for your comment. I agree with you. Indeed steemians from other nations should do the same. Meet-up, share knowledge and their experiences about the steem Blockchain as they also prepare themselves for the incoming diary game season 2.

This is really beautiful. Congratulations. It would be really nice if something like this happens in Nigeria as well.

Very true...if the Covid-19 restrictions are not tight in your country then you can go ahead, and gather steemit users in Nigeria to brain storm some ideas about the current opportunities on steemit.

Thanks for the steem up meeting. I learnt alot being there and got new friends

I am so glad that you learnt something from the meet-up. Thanks so much too for having attended.

Hey @yohan2on nice post. Today i also meet up my steemit friends.

That's great work. Thanks for being awesome and for doing valuable things for our steemit world.

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have already chosen the 5 very active Ugandan steemians that I am going to participate with in the diary game.

Thanks for passing by.

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