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When he approached me on a sunny afternoon
I was depressed and sad
I thought a new dawn was finally rising in my favor
We went biking and swimming together

The streets recognised our footsteps and smiles
He loved me and so did I
He was the air that I craved
His smile was my breakfast, lunch and dinner
It was nine blissful years building the on the wrong pillar

In a restaurant awaiting a ring and a new title instead I received a ticking bomb
He never loved me
Lust was all he felt for me me
Love and Lust?
I felt one for him and he felt another for me

Apply soaked under the raining that deserve sympathy
That was all I meant to him
My heart is shattered and the pieces blown away by the wind
Never to be found again

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Its an Interesting love poem. Some people on this planet get engaged through lust. This is very risky and dangerous because lust doesn't last. It just seems to be real love yet a deceptive one. How tough it is to repair a broken heart. People need to be patient and very careful when choosing marriage partners.

Thanks so much for sharing.

Am glad you understand the poem, thanks for checking by

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