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RE: Got a charity after few days of intensive search. Meet the CFO family.

in Steem Africa4 months ago

A commendable gesture from @beautychicks.

It is vindictive that all Nigerians youths are Not into internet scams as the hushpuppis of this world has portrayed them.

But I would like to be more cautious subsequently in maintaining SOCIAL DISTANCES with your 'clients' subsequently as COVID-19 is very real!

I heartily congratulate you on this noble project!


I appreciate this comment. Yes, not all Nigerians are scammers. Hushpuppi and the likes, are just the bad eggs that makes even a fellow Nigerian see any online things as a scam.

I observe social distancing. I was with my mask throughout my conversation with them, and I washed and sanitized after the encounter. Thanks for the observation.

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