The Mind's Mechanics

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One aspect of the human life that has a very strong influence on others aspects and even controls, to a considerably fair extent, the outcome of one's life is the mind. Most of the things that people experience in life, if well traced, have their roots remotely in the mind. This is because the mind is what controls the actions (and inactions) of people and as such, controls their character.

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Now, someone may want to know how the mind influences they way people act or do not act. Here is a simple explanation: the human thoughts are birthed in the mind. When these thoughts become dominant, then expression will be given to the thoughts in form actions. When these actions become repeatedly over time, they become dominant. Of course, the dominant actions of people form part of their attitude. Finally, attitude is what shapes and forms the individual's character - which is their identity.

You see, from this explanation, you will figure out one thing; the process was born in the mind as just a thought and it grew to become the person's character. If you are able to control the kind of thoughts you allow in your mind, you will be able to control and determine your own actions.

Most of the people that are into one form of societal vices and whatnot did not just stumble into the evil. They had to think about it and made a choice to follow that path. Most of these thoughts are as a result of external factors (like their interaction, friendships, social media etc). This is why you should avoid anything that can influence your mind to think negatively, because it will surely reflect in your actions.

When a farmer plants a particular seed, when the time of harvest comes, he will be expected to reap that. In the same way, the kind of thoughts you plant into your mind will be the determining factor to the kind of actions, attitude and character you will reap. If you want positivity in your life, then the only choice you have is to sow positivity as a thought to your mind.

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One thing people should understand about the mind is that everyone can freely express it through thoughts - yes, that is the power of free thought and free will. However, when the thoughts are complemented by actions, the results of the actions is not within your free will. That is; you may be free to think and to act but the outcome of these is never free. So if you will not be ready to bear the outcome of your actions, then try to avoid the thoughts that will lead you to the actions.

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