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Here there is a man in our community who is a good believer and when i help him with anything God doubles that blessing more than what have given him my there members.
His name is Called Michael my name sake and am sure you all going to read this your going to love and appreciate it.
It was in this year January 2021 i posted here the story of this man, when you follow me am sure you see this story on my wall. I helped him with new clothes because by then he was run off on what to wear and i donated him some new clothes through the small funds i got from steemit here from good members who spotted on my post and support this occasion.

Now i have gone and check him to see the condition him is now. He was so happy and excited to see me again to visit him. He told me all the story and and where he kept his clothes in case made from Roofing's and he thought that when he wear this clothes is going to tear earlier and he do not have hope to get new cloth Soon. So since is the rainy season his house were he sleep is now leaking and he don't know what he is going to do to be on safe side.
So i call anyone to stand with me to support this occasion.

God bless you in advance


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Thank you our Country representative @yohan2on
God bless you