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How am I turn-up into comedian all about my story down here?
It was last year 2020 when COVID-19 takeover in our Country Uganda and we so down and thinking about when the lockdown start what am I can do to fit in the community by then we are dealing with.
So February 2020 I first sit down and remember all the activities we done during our school from Primary one up to University Time.

  1. Football, But football will be at high peek than it was before COVID-19
  2. Choir, but am I talented in singing and composing songs can one be interested and support me?
  3. Comedy and Drummers, Here is where we now, so chose this one because am so talented in making people to laugh when ever which category of people surrounds I find something which can make them laugh and even in schools I used to collect some money from the crowds which helps to continue studying due to my family was unable to pay for my schools fees.
    comedy 2.PNG

So when started shooting videos, The first video more people including my friends criticizes me that shit am doing me educated guy to start doing such rubbish. SO I did not lose hope I continue doing thinking that one day God will let my talent to be own all over the world I will recognized one day in God’s Name.
So round my 5th Video, my friends who used to bullying for doing such they saw me on a certain Television in our Country is among of the big Television in Uganda that NTV Uganda am sure some of you know this Channel. They played my video and more start calling me we saw you on the Television, AHHA I was so excited me to be on NTV without any payment I praise God on that Day. And the competition for a Job in Uganda is lower than the number of Graduates Universities are Graduating in Uganda.
comedy 1.PNG

So today my comedies have gone viral and am sure God will let more to know who am I form today onwards God I pray and request you on my kneels to continue blessing me to prove them that anything you do for the fun it can generate and take to somewhere in the world. SO advice anyone here if you can anything please don’t base someone’s advice. DO IT FOR YOUR DESCION.

As per now am challenging with A camera but am Sure God will provide a Camera
Am here requesting you Guys who have read this article to pray for me to achieve my dream to become true and to A camera
God bless


Hi Michael,

This is great! Keep up with that great great. Keep exercising your talent. God will surely bless you through it. I advise you to always post your content here on steemit. You will earn some rewards for that and buy a better camera for your videos.

Thank you My brother!!

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