Today's inspiration: What are you preventing yourself from?

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There are these things on earth called "seeds". mostly they are smaller but mightier in their outcome.

Lo, the only way to prevent the seed from becoming mighty is to put it away from the fertile soil

And the only man who can do that is the owner of the seed.

In the same way, every human carries a seed which though is smaller but mightier when planted.
The only one who can prevent your seed from falling into the fertile soil is YOU.

What are you preventing yourself from?

Put your seed to the fertile ground.

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Written by @calybos
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Most times we are the problems to ourselves. Humans have great potentials but they bury all these under thoughts of i can’t do it. We all need to understand that we have all it takes to achieve anything but it depends us to know and to work toward achieving our goals.

Thank you very much for your positivity. If we could all realise what we possess, the world would be much better

Exactly man! Thanks.

Do you have vegetable garden??

Yea but it's just for home consumption 😊