Today's Inspiration: Open up, don't be an Island

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Life is full of mysteries to be uncovered alone, interacting with people is a sure way to uncover such mysteries of life.

It is said that, " No man is an Island", because everyone needs someone to associate with.
That is why loneliness is a killer

It cost you nothing to connect with other people 👫 so open up, associate with people, make friends, have fun and enjoy.

After all, we do not have forever to live so make each day count.

Do not become an island😊

Written by @calybos
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Hi @calybos.

Thanks so much for the inspiration.

Since you are still new user on the steemit platform. I would therefore advise you to introduce yourself in the steem greet community.

Checkout this sample post and do the same.

Don't forget to mention me in your post. I will be so glad to support and help you in your journey on the steem ecosystem.

All the best

Okay, I will do that. Thank you 🙇