No! You don't manage time

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Managing is to exercise control over something. When someone is called a manager; it means that something has been entrusted to him, over which he exerts authority, control and influence. It means that he has been elevated to influence a group of people whom he outranks. But that is not time, no!

You can't be a manager if nothing has been placed under your authority.

Time is neither beneath nor placed under our authority. As a matter of fact, we do not influence time, not even a speck of it. Time is an unstoppable flow that impacts man and the cause of life events.


Changing the settings of your digital or analogue watch does not influence time.

What do we do then, if we dont manage time?
Simple, manage yourself. Yes! yourself
Influence yourself to cope with the flow of time to prevent further waste while enjoying the benefits of your management.

When we speak of time management, we ain't talking about someone who influences time rather, we are talking about someone who has trained himself to work within specific time flows without wasting much of it. And at the end, enjoys the benefits of his self-discipline.

Manage yourself to flow with time. After all, you can't manage what you have no power over.

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I totally agree! Time does not wait for anyone but it is best to maximize every single second positively.

Exactly 🤝🤝

True can rule the authority under you but you should listen to them too

Very true. It's unfortunate that some lord their authority over their subordinates forgeting that they are also under someone else's authority.