A Classical Music Community Challenge - What is YOUR Dream Classical Concert?

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Hello everyone! I figured I would put this short post out there to get the word out that my father (@remlaps) is a community curator this month. He will be monitoring the Classical Music and Popular Stem communities, and looking for Steem Exclusive quality posts to curate. In order to help ensure that he has content to curate, I am going to be posting a Classical Music Challenge each week.


Please remember that any posts that are not Steem Exclusive have no chance of being curated. Please also remember that I am not promising that @remlaps will upvote any posts that respond to this challenge. I am simply trying to encourage more posting in this community.

This week's challenge

For this week, I challenge you all to post about your dream classical concert! If there were no limits, what would be your dream classical concert?

Who would perform? What pieces would be played? How long would it be? Would it be a random concert, or a mark of a certain occasion? Think as big (or as small) as you want :)

Please write up a post, and give as many (or as few) details as you would like. Post a link in the comments of this post! Feel free to include video embeds, but make sure you have permission to use any photos that you use.

I encourage you all to post your response in this community with the #steemexclusive and #dreamclassicalconcert tags if you want to participate!


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