My latest - Guns N Roses | Don't Cry Solo

in Music3 years ago

Hey Steemit!

Slash's best? Top 3? 5? Hard to choose when he has so many insane solos, but Don't Cry is definitely up there! Short, but oh so sweet ;) amazing tone and tasteful playing. Guns ruled the world for a 4-5 year manic period, and what an era. Amazing band, never get tired of listening to GNFR!

I've been lucky enough to see them on the not in this lifetime tour! They're actually coming to NZ later this year, I might have to go again! Hearing Slash play live is something else.

Thanks for listening.

Until the next time



hello there, You seem so amazing id love to be a friend here on steam, I was actually so amazed to see your profile photo, so i texted to know more about you on steam, though it's my business steam for chatting, how are you??!!

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