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I've read that since Friday there is a fork and we will receive an airdrop of 100% of our assets from steemit but I am unable to login to my hive wallet as well as find any coins related with Hive on coinmarketcap.

Also everything posted via steemit will not be visible on hive and also everything posted on hive won't be visible on steemit. I am wondering how many people will simply copy/paste their articles from one blockchain to another one to supply their followers with new content


Let me send you a DM on Tuesday if you should not find out more. Tomorrow is a very important day for me.

In a nutshell - loging in to hive you should get the same assets as on Steem - use your usual keys or wait until keychain is officially listed on chrome extensions store.

Copy / paste can happen - i personally have my own plans lol - focus quality on Hive and on Steem who knows. I think from a community perspective Hive is the one - some exchanges are starting to list the new coin already which is pretty fast.

Keeping Steem is the most challenging one - can go up or down. No idea what will happem. I will do a split strategy in terms of crypto but focus my content on hive.

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