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Hello @everyone. First of all, we want to thank the steemit team which is supporting us all time. As Steemit Team is very kind and changing the lives of the people by supporting steemians individually and by supporting different charity programs.


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Verification Has Started

All the users of Steemit Tigers are informed to verify yourself as we want to verify all the users on the behalf of the steemit team. And we will support only those users who will provide information for the verification and after checking they will be verified.

How To Get Verified

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As steemit is going to moon and steem as well and many new users are joining steemit on daily basis but there are some person who are spoiling the reward system by making multiple accounts. So verification is very necessary and it is required by the steemit team so you have to get verified yourself. Here are something about verification process.

  • Capture a picture of yourself with a playcard written your real name, your steemit username, your city name and Steemit Tigers community name on it and publish here.

  • Verfication process is started from today so do not wait and verify yourself to avail support.

We will verify you as soon as possible after completely viewing your provided data. And do not share anything which is sensitive such as your identity card or anything else.

We are looking forward to verify you dear steemians. Keep continue good work and stay blessed. If you have any question regarding verification or anything else feel free to ask as we are keen to help you.

Keep following @steemitblog for updates and news.

Cc:- @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02


Real name: Ali Hasnain
Steemit username: alihassnain
City name: Basirpur

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Hello Bro you are welcome here but please concentrate here as we have mentioned in the post.

Capture a picture of yourself with a placard written your real name, your steemit username, your city name, and Steemit Tigers community name on it and publish here.

I am looking forward to verifying you because being a moderator is my responsibility. And publish a post with that information here in the Steemit Tgers

First my papers were .I was a little busy.
Now i start working again .So please support

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Please stop spamming everywhere you will be blocked by the team without any notification.

Nice post sir

Asslam o alkam dear @mohammadfaisal how about my country verification ?

Real Name: Razuan
Steemit Name: @razuan12
City name:Bangladesh