The Diary Game 17/04/2021 ; My Photography

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Hello everyone I hope you will be fine and good by the grace of Almighty Allah who is most merciful and kind to everyone. Dear fellows, i am again here to share my diary post with all of you.


Today it was the 4th Fast of Ramadan and I also had to observe fast. So i got up early and I took ablution first of all and then I started observing fast. I was able to observe fast easily at the time. And now as i have told that my test series is going on so i had time to prepare and revised my test.

So without wasting my time i revised my tes of English and then i took a short break to take a rest. Now i again prepared myself for reading and now the college time was coming nearer and nearer so i hurriedly took shower then i was almost ready for college and i took my bag and went to the college with my friends.

The test was very easy and i attempted all the questions and lastly i wrote the essay of A Visit To Historical Place Now we came back after the test and reached home safe and sound.

Then i went to outside and capture many unique and beautiful pictures with the help of my friends mobile device as the camera result of my friends mobile was very amazing as you can see the captured image is very impressive.

Similarly, we also captured more amazing pictures which i am going to share with you, my dear fellows.


This picture was captured in the house and the flowers were looking very beautiful so i also considered it worthy to share with you my dear friends.I love such photography and i wanted to share my photography on daily basis here.

photo_2021-04-17_16-59-42 (2).jpg

Now we were outside to capture this wonderful scene of nature. This flower is of a simple grass but can be used as the wallpaper anywhere.

After that, we came back to home and then we were tired and now we took some rest. And the time of Iftar weaas also coming near and my friend wanted to leave us but i wanted stop him there and he stopped there and i asked him to took Iftari here. So he agreed and when the time of Iftar came we did iIftari and now he wanted to go there and i allowed him to go.

Now i was free and i started checking the community posts that is there any post which contains plagiarism or is there anyone who is doing cross-postting. But i was happy that everyone was doing his best and providing quality content and unique content.

As i have started a verification process in my community and i also verified some users who provided their complete data and information.

So It was my diary post and it was how my whole day spends with happiness and full adventure.

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Nice photography :)

Thank You bro for your kindness and best compliments. You always appreciate Pakistani being the Cr and you are doing really a wonderful job all the time as you are very active.

Thank You!

the photos are good, what cellphone are you using

Yes, these pictures are wonderful and mysterious and I used the mobile phone of my friend to capture these as I have mentioned in the post.

Very great pictures. The first one is just seemed to be the next level photography. Best of luck in the future.

Thank You @steemlover63 for having a look at my diary post from your precious time. Yes, I also really love these pictures really very beautiful and I was wondering about the unbelievable photography.

very beautiful flower photos, and have very pretty colors

Thank You dear fellow for having a look at my diary post and for the best compliments. You are right that the pictures of the flowers are very nice and full of attraction.

You'are welcome. I am very interested when I see the color, the flowers are very beautiful

Assalamualaikum sir @mohammadfaisal how are you I hope you are well by the grace of Allah Almighty. I read your whole post. The flowers are looks very beautiful and charming❤️. The flowers are very important in our life.
When we bought some flowers and bring it to home the fragrance of flowers spreads around the house feel happy 😊😊.

Thanks for having a look at my post about photography.

your post is very beautiful and your photography is also very beautiful.Your whole day is very hapoy.

Thank You dear for the best compliments.

Sir, you have prepared this post very well. The flower photography that you have done in it is very great and you started the morning with the blessed day of Ramadan Sharif and the rest of what you said is your English test. And you continued your work without wasting time and full preparation sure your post is commendable very good you are working very well

Thank You dear for having a look at my diary post by managing your precious time.

The flower photography that you have done in it is very great

Yes, bro I also like this photo. The photo of leaves and the flowers are awesome and very attractive and I am always trying such photography.