The Diary Game, Saturday 25 November 2023 || Bright Saturday, And Enthusiasm for Work

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Today the weather is very sunny, the sun rose early in the morning and made the sky bright because of the sunlight. The view in the sky looks very beautiful with the appearance of a stretch of pure white clouds like snow among the blue sky.

Then I took advantage of this sunny morning by doing several activities, such as yoga, push ups, boxing, to make my body healthy. After 20 minutes of exercising, my body is already sweating, and now I feel fresher and very energetic.

After approximately 1 hour of exercise, I got ready to go to work. I'm also very excited to go to work today, because I get paid on Saturday. So when Saturday comes, even though I'm sick, I still go to work, because I have to get my salary. I go to work by motorbike, and along the way I see various sights on the road, including children going to school.


They are children in my village who usually walk to school together. This Saturday at their school there was an event for their teacher, to commemorate Teachers' Day. That's why these children look very enthusiastic about walking to school.


I drove the motorbike slowly and carefully, so as not to hit the children who were going to school on foot. After the child had walked far, I stepped on the motorbike's gas to quickly get to work. Today I only worked on bags for goods in our shop, because there were no ordered bags. So me and my other friends just work casually. At 10 o'clock, I take a short break from my work routine and go out for coffee. Then after drinking coffee I continued my work assembling bags, until afternoon arrived and we received our pay. Thank God, my salary this week is quite a lot, there is an increase from my previous salary.

Time continued to move without stopping, it didn't feel like it was already afternoon. Suddenly his stomach began to growl, due to the effects of hunger. Then I went to Bang Sudir's stall to buy noodles and enjoyed them there.


Bang Sudir sells on the side of the Malikussaleh airport road, and only sells from 5 pm to 12 pm. The noodles made by Sudir are very delicious, because Sudir has passed on the knowledge of processing noodles passed down by his late father.


But to be able to enjoy the noodles, I have to be willing to wait, because this process is a bit long. I can only enjoy it at sunset. Anyway, after I ate the noodles, about 5 minutes later, the call to prayer was heard. Then I rushed home before night fell.

Greetings always compact.

By @midiagam

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