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This is the week of the steemit engagement challenge season 5 week 6 with a very interesting theme; Steemit Engagement Challenge S5/W6: Las vías publica de mi ciudad.. Here is my participation in this very interesting contest, but before that I would like to invite my friend @sailawana @f2i5 @mahyulmaulana to this contest.


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The public roads of your city.

The road are the public development sector which is the main road that connects one area to another. Road are wider, bigger, covered with asphalt and can be passed from two opposite directions.

In Indonesia, the construction of the road was inseparable from the influence of the Dutch who occupied Indonesia at that time, roads also aimed to stimulate the wheels of the economy in terms of sending trade goods from one place to another. And it used to be said, Streets were opened and formed by the direction of walking elephants, this is because elephants have extraordinary instincts for a situation, and a strong memory, and this is recognized by some circles to this day.

There are various unique things and events that we can see about the road such as the 9th turn road in Padang, and the Seulawah road in Aceh. Everything has a story and unique things to explore, and now I will describe some of the questions below based on my experience some time ago.

The surrounding cities that we can reach through these roads.

Jalan Raya Medan-Banda Aceh is the main access road in my village. This road is a crossroad that connects between regions on the island of Sumatra, even if I want to go to Banda Aceh I will go through this road. And because this is a causeway, wherever we want to go, this is the main causeway that we will go through first, even though there are several small roads that we will go through.


Simpang Empat Roundabout, Bireuen

There are several cities that we will pass when we are going to the capital city of Aceh, namely the city of Banda Aceh. I live in North Aceh and to get there, it takes me up to 6 hours of travel. Of course, there will be many cities and areas that we will go through, even some of which are big cities that have their own characteristics when we arrive at the city.


Lambaroe Mosque, Aceh Besar

What local or important institutions make life there.

Of course there are many important things that make life there, and one of them is school. Roads have made some circles of society receive extraordinary benefits. Even a city will progress when it has good road access and is also not damaged.


The road that has a bridge crossing between two schools, Pidie

School is a very important institution. Children go to study and they will be helped by having normal and good road access. In remote parts of the country, there is a lot of news that tells how extreme the path children take to just go to school, there are many hopes and dreams that children write about, and it would be a shame if roads were their biggest obstacle. Even the distance traveled on foot, by boat, by swimming across the river, can take hours.

Good roads will also open access to other developments such as housing, offices, and other government agencies. An area will live with the access road. Roads are the most important access that will revive many other accesses, so all countries will carry out road transformations on a scale because it is quite influential on other development sectors.


Tax Service Office, City of Banda Aceh

Any precedent that has been made in that road or avenue that has been of interest to the community.

Several roads have been made with care, even an additional support so that a road looks better and can provide more benefits to people's lives. Among them;

  • zebra crossing
    Zebra Cross is a facility for pedestrians to cross the highway. In addition, zebra crossing is also a marker for motorists that there are lanes for pedestrians to cross
  • road markings, etc
    This is made to make it easier for the riders to stay in their respective lanes.

Because it is equipped with road safety devices, this road is a road where many state officials and even the president pass. August 17th is Indonesia's Independence Day and is the day when parades with various costumes are performed through these main streets, especially for big cities.


*** Fighter Plane Monument, Simpang Aneuk Galong, Aceh Besar***

In addition, a monument or monument in each city has its own meaning and history, such as the airplane monument at the intersection of Aneuk Galong Village, District. Sukamakmur, Aceh Besar, on the left side you will see a monument to the Hawk 200 fighter aircraft belonging to the Indonesian Air Force. The fighter plane monument was installed on top of the Maimun Saleh monument, which is intended to commemorate Maimun Saleh's services as the first pilot from Aceh.

Routine in which you usually circulate through it.

I live in a village in the middle of rice fields. Every time I want to shop, there will be village roads that are usually passed. And to return home, I used to pass through the causeway, Jalan Raya Medan-Banda Aceh.


*** country road to my hometown***


*** country road where I currently live***

My village road is still gravel and also dirt, when it rains it will be loved by puddles of mud and also puddles everywhere, at this time this road is still being improved so that the people who live here can carry out various other activities and make it easier to access various other places. A good road also beautifies the order of a region.

all pictures are mine, taken with Redmi 10 camera

That's all for my participation this time, I hope it's useful and I hope all friends like it, thank you for your attention, I really appreciate criticism and suggestions,
see you again,
From your friends,


Where there is a Will there is a Way

Greeting friends!


Postingan yang menarik lia.. dengan informasi jalan-jalan yang sangat detail. Terimakasih udah mengundang kakak ya..
Sukses selalu..

Aamiin, makasi udah stopping by on my post kk,
Sukses selalu buat kk👍

sangat terkesan. pembugaran serta pelebaran juga sedang digarap untuk kelayakan.

Semoga berhasil kontesnya

Terima kasih telah berkomentar dipostingan saya,
Sukses selalu brother...

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Hello @liasteem, The photographs of the streets of your city are wonderful, but the one I liked the most was the street of the mosque, this building is beautiful.

Thanks for participating.

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Thank you very much for the support

Que hermosas imágenes, se nota que las vías publicas de su localidad están muy bien cuidadas por los entes competentes amiga, incluso su zona rural. Saludos y éxitos!


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