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Esteem greetings dear steemians, 👋

I welcome y'all to the S3W4 of the engagement challenge contest in Steem Venezuela Community which happens to be the last week of the engagement challenge. I am very happy to be creating an entry in this amazing community today. For this 4th week, the topic is all about "Making a Review Of Fast food". I will be discussing on this topic base on the guidelines of the contest and i hope y'all enjoy my entry as you go through it

1. Everyone loves fast food". Tell us your opinion about this statement.

Fast food is food that can easily be prepared at a very fast rate. This food can be served in restaurants, bars or at home as a very quick and fast meal. The statement "Everyone loves fast food" is simply because it's a good that can quickly be prepared, food that can satisfy your craving, you can eat it with friends and it's relatively cheap. It is also food which can easily be eaten when you are late for to go somewhere or when you are very hungry. It is food which can be eaten at lunch time hence make you to enjoy alot of your lunch break

Fast food is also convenient and very tasty 😋 and you don't also need special skills in 🍳 it since you can go to a restaurant or snack bar and eat it there. It's highly delicious and tasty than junk food or healthier food and it's very cheap and less costly to junk food

2. Do you regularly prepare fast food at home or do you have a favorite place? Tell us about your experience.
what3words locationgoogle location

As for preparing fast food at home, I don't do that most often and I scarely even do it. I mostly eat but healthier and junk food at home. I frequently visit and eat fast food in snack bars when I go out for drinking either alon or with my friends. I also mostly go and eat fast food in restaurants and my favorite restaurant which I always eat fast food there is at ROMZ Restaurant where they mostly sell Hamburger 🍔, Pizza 🍕, Ice cream 🍨.


ROMZ Restaurant is a restaurant and it also serve as a snack bar because it also have all kinds of drinks. I always enjoy most especially grilled fish, pizza, ice cream and coffee drinks at this bar

My Coffee drinkMy Ice cream

Like I said, I always enjoy grilled fish and pizza at this restaurant. My most recent visit to this fast food restaurant was so exciting as I enjoyed alot. I visited it with my family. Since there was no pizza and hamburger available at the time we visited, we had to purchase grilled fish and fried Irish potato



One good thing about this restaurant is that fast food there is very cheap, less costly and very delicious 😋. Below I will give some prizes of fast food at this restaurant. I will be giving it in both my local currency and in STEEM price taking STEEM current value of 0.26

Food productsprice in FCFAprice in STEEM
Vampur Malt Cofee7
Ice cream1,50010
3. Do you think fast food affects your health? Explain

Just like any other food, too much of anything always have consequences and harmful effects. Fast food is very important to the body when taken with measures but become very harmful to our body If it's consumed carelessly without any measures. It should be noted that fast food contains alot of Suger which we all know the importance of Suger to our immune system as well as it's harmful affects to our immune system.

Too much consumption of fast food could cause us heart/stroke disease, high blood pressure, weight gain, dental distress, shortness of breath, depression, blood Suger spike, insulin resistance, Headache, high cholesteatoma and so many other disease.

Just like I said, too much of everything is a disease to the system and if we consume other food like junk food too much, it will also caused alot of health problem to our system. So it's always good to have a balance diet all the time so as to maintain our body health and we should also carry out alot of sporting activities which is very good to the human body

4. What are your recommendations for people who are addicted to fast food?

Since a majority of people prefer fast food to junk food, especially those people who are living an unmarried or Batchelor life, I will give them this beautiful tips if they want to continue with fast food.

As we know, fast food contains alot of Suger which can cause harm to the human body. So my advice and recommendations for such people is as follows,

  • Always make sure you ask how the food is prepared especially if it's new food which you don't actually know much about it

  • It should be noted that most fried food always contains alot of fats, so I will advise everyone to always make sure you order mostly food that have already been cooked in processes such as boiling, grilling, roasting, steaming or baking.

  • It's always advisable to avoid sweet drinks which can cause high blood pressure to our body, we can go for low-faty drinks such as coffee drinks, lemon juice or even preferably water

  • Always Eat small quantity to your satisfaction and do not force your system to intake more of the fast food whereas you are already satisfied

  • Always ask for more vegetables in your order such as burgers, pizzas or sandwich because it will always substitute the fried substance in your order


Thanks so much for your time everyone, I am inviting my fellow friends, @rafk, @tangwe-rene, @tenguhatanga, @meethussnain, @wyzcekunited, @monjuapollonia, and @echamroland to come and participate in this amazing contest

My regards : @chiabertrand

 2 years ago 

@chiabertrand, Friend, certainly fast food, as its name says, people prefer it, in addition to its rich flavor, to the ease and speed with which it is prepared.

There are many people whose health is affected since they consume it in large quantities, although if it can be eaten from time to time and with awareness, it can always be eaten and our health will not be affected.

I love fish, that type of food can be eaten without risk to health.

I say goodbye wishing you have a great day.

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Hi @chiabertrand
you have mention in detail about the importance of junk food and also their negative aspects for youngster .

You have written very well on this contest topic, and you have also shared your opinion on whether fast food affect health or not. I believe with you that, preparation of fast food is very important on health. Some undone food can affect our health. Regards!

There is no way we would not eat fast food but like you said too much of everything is bad, we should not turn fast food to our normal daily meal and eating of veggies with fast food will surely help a lot. Thank you for sharing.

Oh how I would have Loved and depended on fast food if I wasn't married 😂😂😂.
But thank God I always prepare almost all my food at home and I can only enjoy fast food when my husband takes me out once a while.

The grilled fish and fries potatoes looks yummy and mouth dripping 😋 and I know you guys had a great time enjoying it.

That's one thing I love about us Cameroonian is about cooking and doing it so well because you can hardly buy fast food and complained that it wasn't well prepared.

Best of luck my dear friend!
Thank you for the mentioned too🌹

In addition to the recommendation of fast food, regulating its consumption will do more good than harm, I patronize fast food once a week, at max twice a week,

To much of everything is bad, a most fast food contains fat, when too much causes obesity which is harmful to our body system

Thanks for sharing
Greetings and blessings

Well define post, best of luck. Your food looks delicious.

Most yummy post i'd come across. where you seeing all these fast foods bro.. link me up pa. i'd like to have a taste of all these😋

 2 years ago (edited)

Fried Irish potato? It must be very delicious indeed for sure. This is a nice content that would be nice to share in a new group in Steemit. Feel free to take part in.

Join the travel community

 2 years ago 

Hola me encantó tu comida rápida... Con un alto contenido de propiedades vitamínicas...

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