Ailanthus Webworm Moth (Atteva aurea)

in Indonesia3 months ago

Today I took a walk at Harmony Garden in Bener Meriah District of Gayo Highlands, Aceh Province. I did photowalking, I took Nikon D7100 with me with Sigma Tele lens 70-300 mm. I found an interesting moth perched on a wild flower. I shot her several times in different angles.

When arriving at home, I started searching the name of the moth. According Insect Identifier app I use, it show that the moth name is Ailanthus Webworm Moth or Atteva aurea. This moth is found commonly in the United States, but today I found it in Gayo Highlands in Sumatra Island. This area is the coldest place in Aceh Province.

This moth is so colourful and I was very excited to shot her. It has bright orange wings which are spotted with white dots ringed in black. When it was perching on the wild flower, it was moving back and forth, and I was trying to capture her. Unfortunately, the quality of pictures is not that perfect as they was a bit disturbed by the bright colour of the wild flowers.

Atteva aurea is the member of the Ermine moth family. Once a female lays her eggs in her old cocoon (for protection), she dies. Only one generation of moths lives every year. The eggs overwinter in their case and emerge as caterpillars in the spring.Source