My Actifit Report Card: June 18 2021

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I'm new here!
I come your way with what happened today in my day.

The day was a bright day and we thank the almighty for giving us the day. I woke up and performed my prayers. After that, I took a nap to prepare for busy day.


Today is a Friday that I have to make it to the mosque on time. I had my bath earlier to prepare for mosque.
The imam said many times f which one is the virtue of love. he said we are one in humanity and we should hold unto each other to help humanity grow. God created us in his image, so we should have the love he has for us. When we do, we show it to everyone and don’t e discriminative. That’s what I learnt.



After that, I went into the field to play ball. Football is an interesting game I don’t joke with. It keeps me healthy and strong. I missed playing it because I was away at school. school doesn’t give me much time to play. But since I am now home, I will make it every day to play. Today was to no exception.
Thanks for passing by! I hope you enjoyed my day.

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