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What a game on Friday night! Breathless drama from start to finish as our never say die attitude paid dividends despite 4 injuries and substitutions!

A solid 3 points in the bank and Everton, Burnley, Watford and Brentford will be feeling the pressure as we hit form and points going into the international break!

I might have been a little harsh over Jesse's skinny stone washed jeans and also a little derisive about the post match huddle but results matter and along with the win over Norwich, this win against 7th placed Wolves might just turn our season with only 8 games remaining.

I do feel sorry for Bamford. World Cup year and he can't get a break with injuries. Marcelo was right about waiting until a player is 100% as has been shown in Pat's case, it's difficult to fight if you keep aggregating an injury that hasn't healed fully

I do hope he gets back before the end of the season and scores a few and then follows that up with a solid start to the next season and gives himself a chance. The 2022 world cup in Qatar doesn't start while November I believe.

I'm very happy for Rodrigo right now. Two goals in two games, after a bit of stick from the fans since he arrived has done the team wonders and his confidence wonders too.

I'm really rooting for him as he totally gets the club and the city and his diving into the crowd after scoring can only endear himself more with crowd and show them he is one of us.

Into the 2 week break then and as for our last game, no one won making it an even better Friday for me !

We'll be playing again when the Premier League continues at the beginning of April.

Thanks as always for all the support and engagement I'm honoured to get here and I wish you all a great week :-)


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