My Actifit Report Card: December 18 2022

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Over 7K on a sunny Autumn day. It has been cold and rainy for the last week or so. Today it was sunny and in the upper 40s Fahrenheit which isn't bad for a few days before the start of Winter.

Since it was nice out, I started my daily exercise with a short bike ride. Just enough to raise my pulse and get me warmed up.

Then I used my Iron Horse which is a thing you sit on and push pedals and pull handles which raises the seat and you several inches. I did 120 strokes on that. Then I did a few dumbbells exercises.

After that I cleaned up the garage a bit and found my barbells. I haven't been able to access them in iver 3 years. U did a few sets of curls with them.

Finally I went food shopping and walked the isles ti get in some additional movement. It'sbbeen a fairly busy day!

I hope you had a good weekend. Have a great Monday!


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Cycling, Daily Activity, Shopping, Walking, Weight Lifting


Hi @kenny-crane; it's great to stay well active and today was an active day for you. Thanks for your good wishes.

Hallo bapak @kenny-crane apa kabar, saya ingin bertanyak sedikit apakah nilai steem akan lebih naik lagi di tahun depan🙏🏻

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