My Actifit Report Card: December 16 2022 - Bad Day For HIVE Price

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All markets seem to be having a bad year and today was another bad day. But Hive is having a worse day than other crypto. Bitcoin and Ethereum are down single digits for the last 24 hours but Hive is down 16%. Since it did worse than other cryptos it slipped down the CoinMarketCap list. It was already way down on page 2 but now it is in the bottom half of page 2.

Why is Hive doing so bad? There doesn't seem to be any funamental reasons that I have heard. Maybe its just a flight to quality where people trade it for Bitcoin. Or they are selling to book a loss for year end tax purposes.

Are you selling? Why?

Are you buying this big dip? What price are yiu waiting for?

I'm not selling. I'm working toward my goal of 40K HP.

I'm not buying at this price. I don't wish for 10 cents but I would consider a buy around that point.

MY ACTIVITY was a bike ride, some weightlifting,then a night time walk.

Have a great weekend!


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