My Actifit Report Card: December 15 2022 - Fashioncoder is Back!

in Actifit10 months ago (edited)

Crypto YouTubeStar Fashioncoder is back to making videos! She has been busy with work and personal things but now she is back with a video about PulseChain. She is excited because testnet3 is expected soon with main net launch after that. She likes the fact that all our ERC-20 tokens will be airdropped to PulseChain and who doesn't like airdrops, nobody!

MY ACTIVITY was a night time walk. Yes I'm back to that healthy habit. I didn't go far because it was 40 degrees Fahrenheit and drizzling slightly. I'll be back over 5K in my next post!

I wish you a happy Friday!


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Daily Activity, Walking

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