My Actifit Report Card: December 9 2022 - Life Advice from Liv Boeree!

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Famous poker player Liv Boeree recently posted a YouTube Short with some life advice. Take 56 seconds to watch and contemplate if this is good advice. If so, how can you use it to improve your life and the life of others?

She mentions finding Win-Win situations. I think we found that right here. When we read and up vote a post because we find some value in it, there are at least 3 Wins. The poster potentially gets a share of the reward pool in 7 days. The up voter also gets some. The community gets some imperfect indication of the value of the post based on its votes.

Liv also says to be careful because we may think we're smarter than we are when it comes to picking Win-Win situations to be part of. We saw this with FTX and other centralized crypto places where it seemed to be a good place to earn a little by depositing our crypto. It didn't end well. We have to be a little cautious here too. Others here benefit by making it seem that this platform's token is going to rise. We want to believe it but we need to look at all available evidence before we risk our time and money.

In life, we make a series of costly decisions based on incomplete knowledge where others are incentivized to misrepresent information, based entirely on probability rather than certainty. Interestingly that is Exactly what happens in a Poker game!

MY ACTIVITY was indoors as we continue to have rainy days. I danced around to fast music, lifted dumbbells doing more sets than usual, and finished with some sit ups and 30 pushups.

I wish you a wonderful weekend!!!


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Daily Activity, Dancing, Weight Lifting


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