My Actifit Report Card: December 6 2022 - Emily Linge covers Ordinary World by Duran Duran

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I guess its because I've been watching some Shut Up & Kiss Me videos that YouTube offered me this video in the sidebar. Emily Linge is another young lady with a sweet voice who is doing well with her cover songs on YouTube. According to the video description she is a teen living in Dubai who plays not just guitar but also piano. A fun fact is that she has a parrot called Rocky!

I think Emily did a great job covering this 90s hit by Duran Duran. It has 130K views in just 4 weeks. She has also covered some Beatles songs and her most viewed video has 5.4 Million views!

Consider becoming a subscriber of Emily's YouTube channel along with her 174K other subscribers!

MY ACTIVITY was both walking around the food store and walking at night with a little running and stair climbing. It was 50 degrees Fahrenheit outside but slightly drizzly so it wasn't one of my longer walks.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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