My Actifit Report Card: December 4 2022 - Christmas Music

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We are well into the Christmas season. I've been hearing Christmas music on some of the preset stations on my car radio. Three stations to be exact. Out of a total 8 buttons programmed. I like some Christmas songs so I don't mind.

When I went food shopping today I listened to Christmas music the entire way there and back. So I decided to share a song from 10 years ago which is in my Christmas Music Videos YouTube playlist. It's by Tiffany Jo Allen who is a popular pop and country singer. She had asked other YouTube people to sent her Christmas clips which she used in the video. I think that fits in with the general "Peace on Earth and good will towards men" sentiment of the season. I think most people hope that for everyone whether they celebrate the religious side of Christmas or not.

MY ACTIVITY was that shopping I mentioned plus the quotidian night time walk. It was around 40 degrees Fahrenheit tonight so I was dressed warmly. I did a little running but no stairs tonight.

I hope your weekend was nice.

Happy Monday!


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Hi @kenny-crane; that's the great thing about Christmas; it's to share with all kinds of people regardless of their ideological differences. Thanks for sharing this link.

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thank you so much for sharing the report and video, have a nice day and a great week


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