My Actifit Report Card: November 30 2022 - Cuban Pete Quits Twitter!

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The Mask was a wild #comedy from the 90s starring Jim Carrey. This is a fun #dance sequence with Jim singing and dancing to an older song called Cuban Pete.

I saw a news article about Jim Carrey leaving Twitter. It didn't say why he was leaving. Some people are leaving because they don't like how Elon Musk is running the site. One group of people seem to be happy that Twitter is now allowing things that were once bannable offenses since they say they prefer freedom of speech. Another group sees certain tweets as dangerous and possibly inducing violence. I won't say who is right or wrong other than I tend to try to find middle ground when possible. It should be noted that anyone can post anything here and it stays on the blockchain even if subsequently edited. No one can be banned here but front ends can decide to hide posts.

MY ACTIVITY was a night time walk under the silvery half moon. The temperature wasn't bad but the wind made it feel colder.

Happy December!!! ❤👍❤🎅❤

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Daily Activity, Stair Climbing, Walking


thank you so much for sharing the report and video, have a nice day


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