My Actifit Report Card: November 29 2022 - New MissTeenCrypto Short

in Actifit10 months ago (edited)

Are we crazy for being in crypto in these times? MissTeenCrypto is enjoying the craziness! Got 5 seconds to spare? Click Play! 😄👍

Joe Blogs who I mentioned last night just released a video about the BlockFi bankruptcy. I might as well drop that in here too, since this post's theme is crypto craziness. Watch if you want a good explanation of what's going on in crypto lending.

MY ACTIVITY was a walk to the public building which has stairs I can climb for a little variety on my walk. I did 40 stairs.

Have a wonderful Wednesday! ❤👍❤

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Daily Activity, Stair Mill, Walking


thank you so much for sharing the report and video, have a nice day


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