My Actifit Report Card: July 24 2022

in Actifit2 months ago

Now is as good a time as any.

Why wait for a Monday when you can start on. Sunday?

I ve been thinking about it for a while, I wanted to use Actifit but due to the old phone I had, I did not download the app until today!

So here I am before you, stating that I ll be trying to start a journey of fitness

The past few months I gained a few kilos and now it is time that I start my efforts to achieve my personal goals!

I wanted to ask you your thoughts. Do you use an alt account for Actifit or the same as here?

I have written down my current kilos (no, not sharing) 😅

And I will try to be below that number, every time! Shall I make it?

Thanks my friends for your understanding!
Hope to hear your opinion and feedback

All images are from today


This flower is one I took from an abandoned house and I ll try to help it grow. It will symbolize my efforts

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