Spain versus Portugal game Chelsea extended to his contract

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Spain versus Portugal game Chelsea extended to his contract benzene calls him capital and Mbappe is ready to cut his salary children attack. Neymar PSG will intercept the Barcelona transfer target and marseille is preparing the top transfer for next week.

The release is going to be a heated one. Chelsea has been informed about Seoul's situation Atletico is ready to get rid of the midfielder.
Barcelona started to work on sales firepower Pjanic Miralem and Trincao will leave first both options as loan and sale are possible for them nice will buy out john claire to the boss contract from Barcelona. The transfer amount is 18 health millionaires plus 7 million of possible bonuses Adidas has revealed a new pair of boots for Lionel Messi in these Leo is out to play the cup of America.
Barcelona wants to get Jose Gaya the footballer may consider leaving valencia Carlos Tevez announced his retirement from the buccaneers. There is a possibility of him ending his career despite manchester united's interest Pau Torres wants to wait for offers from Real Madrid or Barcelona so is not on the list of transfer targets for Fc Bayern.

The club can't spend that much money now Sergio Romero left man united in six years the goalkeeper has played in the premier league only seven times the goal of manchester united is to win every competition we compete in and we will continue to invest in our academy and in the transfer market to support the manager to meet.

The club's goals said one of the co-owners of manchester united Joel Glaser building a winning Barsa and achieving success is the club's main focus Ronald Kuhlman tweeted Emmerich LaPorte made his national debut for Spain at the age of 27. Laporte has never played for the main french national team but performed for the youth national teams.

Ronaldo made the 174th appearance for the Portuguese national team 10 games remain before he breaks the world record former Juventus head coach Massimiliano Allegri is close to an appointment at Lazio according to Gianluca di Marzio.

If we win the euros I will celebrate with a go-kart race with Benzema only the Azuro set goalkeeper willy caballero will leave Chelsea at the end of June as his contract is about to expire inter offered Ancelotti to head the team Carla replied that he would not betray Milan Chelsea has extended the contract with geru for a year.

The french man is going to play for the blues until the summer of 2022 Kante doubts Tottenham's prospects and plans to reject the club's offer the London club is also not satisfied with Antonio's salary requirements. Chelsea has extended their contract with Tiago silva for a year the new agreement will be valid until the end of the 2021-2022 season the bicycle kick of Puerto striker Mehdi tare-mi is considered the best in the 2020-21 champions league campaign.

The goals from Messi and Gero are in the top three the UEFA super cup match between Chelsea and Villarreal will take place in Belfast on the 11th of august the super league was not a coup but a desperate warning cry for a system that was already on the verge of collapse before the pandemic and is heading towards the state of insolvency.

Juventus, Real Madrid, and Barcelona intend to continue with their proposals almost all stakeholders who maintain football have to be reformed yet those who do make proposals are demonized said Juventus president Andrea Agnelli Bayern Munich and chipotle mating have reached an agreement until 2023. The reduction of the french legal one from 20 to 18 teams from the 2023-24 season has been approved.

Ronaldo has nerves of steel like Rafa Nadal Cristiano does everything to win not for personal performance set Alvaro Morata enchilada to move the starter Real Madrid's pre-season training 5 days earlier the players will return to training on 7th of July.

The coach wants to evaluate players whose future is in question bale plans to retire after the euro he is not ready to play for you droid again Donaruma is the strongest goalkeeper in the world he could become the personification of Milan lake Maldini thanks to Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Brazil has decided not to participate in the copper America due to the situation with the current virus in the country as reports Chelsea may loan Tiemoue Bakayoko to Fiorentina Gahuza wants to work with the midfielder again the results of yesterday's friendly matches are in front of you and now it's time for us to dive into the main news of the release.

A brief note on yesterday's pictures Spain and Portugal battle for a no-no shout out Italy defeated the Czech Republic with a score of four new goals were delivered by Nicolo Barella insignia and Berardi Chelsea have announced a contract extension with head coach Thomas Tuchel the term of the agreement is calculated until June 2024.

The club noted that the extension of the contract for this period in case of victory in the champions league was agreed upon at the time of the arrival of the specialist to the team the 47-year-old took over Chelsea in January with him the club in addition to winning.

The champions league took fourth place in the premier league Royal Madrid striker Karim Benzema spoke upon the prospects of his compatriot Killian and Papa's transferred to the Madrid club from PSG

even button moves to real it will be perfect all great players want to be at Real Madrid and I wish him that let it happen as soon as possible in case he wants to leave PSG which is also a good club Benzema set Real Madrid plans to transfer Kilian and Bappe despite the club's heavy debts Florentino Perez intends to do everything possible to sign the French striker everything will depend on PSG's willingness to negotiate.

Since Mbappe himself is 100 sure of a future move to mandate Kilian is even ready to cut his salary if only the transfer took place PSG offers 36 million euros a year Real Madrid cannot offer that much however, journalist serial office claims that Mbappe will go straight to real according to him the deal will be done by august we will continue to follow one of the main transfer sagas of this summer PSG striker Neymar was greeted by the fans.

As the Brazilian national team got checked into the hotel before the world cup qualifying match against Ecuador two young fans ran to take a selfie with the Brazilian as he got off the bus as a result they slammed into each other and crashed into Neymar who almost fell too the footballer limped a bit after the incident. The future of midfielder Georgina Winaldo remains uncertain PSG is trying to intercept the 30-year-old midfielder from Barcelona and sign him for free reports ESPN citing several sources several top European clubs have shown interest in win adam but PSG made a much more generous offer to the player than Barca we now dump is currently leaning towards the offer made by Paris Barsa sources now doubt they will be able to close the deal earlier on there was information.

That boy Noldom has already agreed on a three-year contract with Barcelona and must undergo a medical examination before the euro Netherlands striker Memphis Depay will continue his career at Barcelona according to journalist Nicholas Kira the 27-year-old forward will sign a three-year contract with the Catalan club and earn 5 million euros a year plus bonuses the deal will be officially confirmed by next week.

The Dutchman will move to Barcelona for free as his contract with Lyon expires this summer guys our inside football project has released a new and interesting video about Wayne Rooney.
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