Let's Enjoy a Cup of World Famous Coffee

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Aceh Sanger Coffee

Hi friend's #Steemit wherever you are !!!
What do you think after seeing the photo of a cup of coffee above? What coffee is that? Want to know more? Let me give a little explanation about the coffee called Kopi Sanger Aceh..

Sanger is a mixture of black coffee, sweetened condensed milk and sugar. Physically, Sanger is similar to Coffee Milk and Coffee Latte. But not all coffee makers can make Sanger. Because, to make a glass of Sanger, you need foresight and special coffee beans, you have to be even more careful in terms of the dose of black coffee, sweetened condensed milk, and sugar that must be exactly right.


It's a shame if you don't taste coffee if you arrive at the Land of a Thousand Hills, Gayo Lues, Southeast Aceh - ACEH. This world-class coffee-producing area also serves a variety of classy-tasting coffees at economical prices, one of which is Sanger Coffee.

Well, for processing Sanger coffee, it goes through the roasting process as usual. The difference is the undoubted quality of the coffee from the region. The aroma is strong and the taste of black coffee is not too sour, so it is safe for the stomach.


We as Acehnese cannot be separated from coffee. You will find coffee shops in various corners of the country which is nicknamed the Veranda of Mecca (Serambi Mekkah). Not limited from the young to the old, poor and rich, all mingling without boundaries and caste. I can say, coffee is a breath for the Acehnese, especially the people of the Gayo Lues area whose coffee has gone worldwide.

Regards : @musscout

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I'm also a coffee lover, when do we have coffee together ☕😁😁😁😁😁

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