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Hello All Steem Fishing Friends

This is my first post in this "Steem-Fishing" Community, because this afternoon I was invited to fish by seniors in the "Steem-Fishing" Community at one of the fishing spots on the coast of Lhokseumawe City, namely Ujong Batee Beach.

At the same time, this is my first experience fishing using a fishing rod in the sea, because previously I only fished in the river, while this time I was invited to feel the adrenaline of fishing in the sea.


Many things I learned in this fishing edition, especially I have to learn how to tie the right hook and how to throw the hook into the middle of the sea to attract the attention of the fish to come to our fishing hook.

Even though in this fishing edition we didn't get a single fish because of the unfavorable weather, it didn't make our spirits lower to keep fishing because basically fishing can train patience.


Fishing has become my new hobby so far, so in the future I want to actively share fishing activities in this "Steem-Fishing" Community because this community is a place for anglers to write articles about fishing.

Of course, we all hope that this "Steem-Fishing" Community in the future will become one of the larger communities that actively embrace Steem users who have a hobby of fishing.


Maybe that's just a story from my first experience of fishing with seniors in the "Steem-Fishing" Community, namely @rachman-jr25 and @karnain11, hopefully next time I can go fishing with them again.

Special Thanks to :
@hive-193141 | @steemcurator01 | @steemcurator02 | @greenman | @xeldal



Very interesting post, thanks for sharing.

Your Welcome...

looks like we can also fish together, brother

Yes, of course @realworld23 🤣

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