Detective's Monthly Report for Steemit Watcher - November , 2023

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I’m detective @steemit-darker (The Invader) of the Steem Watcher Team. Following the team's new strategy, here are the cases I came across during the month of November 2023.

Total number of cases handled in the month of November (58 cases).


@lipa @loak @monp @afsanmohd @loapy @lumadee @ashleysha @goodprospect @garry08 @flak @stramadan @bakunamo @maneoc @samarthj @lankymoseyi @catholicinfo @mumuaboki @musiwapasiwa @podosa @osoala @samambore @ayabakemi @alonsogab @agbejaco @agbeja @ashiere @assu @anitaolayemi @davidjonson79 @badmusay @garry08 @akara @ijeshagirl @bitmediabuzz @lumadee @davidjonson79 @samambore @abdulsalami @yarrik @geekpranee, @dvl @shize @federico-r @macbit

Copyright infringement

@lumadee, @jrfx, @jrfx, @badmusay, @shacoleda, @jrfx, @albertpeter, @bilalkhan33, @albertpeter , @wtmagecalculator

Repeat Content

@lasakalo, @viagar @vega000 @gandue

What type of cases were there?

  • Copyright Rights infringement
  • Plagiarism
  • AI Content Generated
  • Repeat Content
  • Phishing Link

How many cases have been solved, i.e. how many abusers have stopped abusive activity? ( With user id).

None of the cases responded to my warning comment but will follow up this coming month if they stop abusive activity. None has been solved.

How many abusers are continuing abusive activities? (with user id).

@garry08, @davidjonson79, @lumadee, and @jrfx didn't hint at my warning comment.

A brief statement about the entire 30-day program.

There were a number of cases during the month, with some authors involved in more than one case. I will just have to put more effort into giving the platform its reputation. Better days ahead.

Tools Used

PlagiarismCopyright Right infringementAI
SmallseotoolsGoogle Lens

@steemit-darker is not here to punish any abuser but to call their attention to avoid such acts.

I left a warning and guideline comment on all cases mentioned above

To better the originality of your post, I will call on you to take a look at this post Guidelines for Steemit Users. [ Abuse Watcher ]

It is time to stay away from

Identity theft
Copyright infringement
Reward farming communities
Scamming or any financial fraud on steemit

You Wouldn’t See Me Coming.
@steemit-darker (The Invader)
A verified detective of STEEM WATCHER.
We Standing Together With @hungry-griffin
CC: @abuse-watcher, @rex-sumon

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