Business Leaders have Six Questions on Climate Change

in The Bleeding Edge23 days ago

I watched this live stream this evening and was surprised by how long it ran. The time went quickly for me. Of course, I watched most of it at 1.5 speed. Anyone who reads my posts must wonder why I am devoting myself to discussing climate alarmism lately. I don't like being lied to. I don't like paying taxes for something I would never agree to. I don't like people controlling my life whom I hadn't ceded those rights to. Literally, a few hundreds of people are controlling the lives of a few billions of people.

I encourage everyone to take the time and watch this video. It is particularly relevant to get a perspective on how climate change alarmism is affecting Canada. Anyone thinking of immigrating to Canada should really think twice once they see how our politicians are driving our society into bankruptcy and making money for themselves and their friends in the process.