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RE: TRX integration new update

in Steemit Dev Group3 years ago

Hi @spidemen, that is a great news thank you for this. The only what I wanted to ask why the Tron was not integrated directly in Steemitwallet

But has another link:

Do you plan to merge both later on?

Sort: is their testing environment. If all works fine, the changes will be uploaded to the official site ;)

Thank you @steemchiller for feedback, finally a light at the end of tunnel, hopefully it works, fingers crossed. Have you been involved too?

Yeah, it's getting more exciting on here again soon :)

Have you been involved too?

No, I'm still full SteemWorlder and working on the SDS modules. These dark winter times are perfect to be used for new creative stuff... 🍀

Thanks for the clarification

I had same question, also I would like to know how do I connect my tron link wallet with steemit trx wallet.. @stef1?


I think @spidemen will be able to help you with that :)

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