Steemcryptic Update | Club5050 Improved | Version 3.2.3 Released

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Hi all. I have been overwhelmed by the amazing response that I got for the recent #club5050 tool that I added to Steemcryptic. You can access the tool by heading over to

If you do want to support my work further, please do consider voting me as your witness by heading over to and voting starlord28 as your witness. Currently, I'm ranked 48 on this list.

Let me now walk you guys through the changes that we included in this new update.

Changes Included:

Club5050 on Steemcryptic

The #club5050 tool always showed the percentage of Steem powered up to the percentage that was not powered up in USD value all this time. Since the native token of Steem blockchain is Steem, I decided to add an additional spread that shows the reward distribution based on the amount of Steem powered up.

New Chart for Steem % Representation

To get the Steem conversion rate, I had decided to use the orderbook condenser API to fetch the lowest ask on the Steem marketplace. While this might again not be the exact conversion rate that you all might have exchanged your SBD to Steem at, but this was the most reliable way to get this data out.

Initially, I tried to fetch the orders data from @steemchiller's SDS API. While that works in most cases, it does not work for everyone. One example where it did not work was for the account of the-gorilla. This method was fully accurate as long as the user did not exchange their Steem for SBD which I believe many users do. So, I wasn't able to come up with the correct logic to determine just the amount of author_sbd that was being converted to liquid Steem.

Apart from this new chart added to #club5050 tool, I also made the code a bit more robust with exception handling where ever necessary. Additionally, I have also fixed a few typos that were seen on the website and reported by various users.

Further Development:

Moving Steemcryptic to a more powerful server of mine is still an ongoing task. I haven't had much success in the front. I will keep you guys updated when I successfully migrate to my own server.

I would also see if I can come up with some logic to get accurate results for users who are converting Steem to SBD as well. However, I would not be able to promise you all if that would be a definite fix right now.



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Voted. Thank you for your work.

Thank you!

Do you plan to further develop Steemcryptic? Can you share what features will appear in the future? Will it ever be possible to determine the total SP of the community? Tell us about the plans, at least briefly. Thanks.

So, the very next update for steemcryptic would be to also calculate the total liquid Steem that was transferred out of a particular account. This could get tricky with respect to performance.

After that, there has been a long-overdue feature in community stats to fetch the engagement stats of a community. So, I would be implementing that.

Then I would be moving on to finish my own parser which would then be used for some of my other applications here. I don't want to reveal the app yet as it involves a lot of work and I wouldn't want anyone to get their hopes up high.

Whenever I make some substantial progress, you will see me update the same here.

Also, thanks for your witness vote :)

Also, thanks for your witness vote :)

Unfortunately, my voice is weak, but I am actively building my account. I hope in the near future you will benefit from my vote.

I really like your tool. I generally like statistics. I hope you have enough inspiration for further work. I also hope that you will have the support of users to make your work profitable.

I wish you all the best.

Will it ever be possible to determine the total SP of the community?

Haven't really thought about that. Will have to see. The only problem I see is with the performance if I end up doing that. So, I'd have to see if I can integrate that as part of my parser or if there's a better way for me to do it. Will check out with steemchiller. Maybe he already has something that I can use.

Thanks. I will follow you so that I do not miss any updates :)

Oh, it turns out I'm already following :)

Hello @starlord28, what should I do for participating in #club5050.
By the way , I powered up my all steem.
So now I want a suggestion from you sir.

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