SCM - Steemit New User Tracking feature - Proof of Concept - 1st Update

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Steemit New User Tracking

As I am currently working on Proof of Concept of the New User Tracking feature addition to #SCM. I would like to share my updates on the same and the progress which I have made.

Background and Uses Case

The idea is to show all new users (filter by 7, 15 or 30 days or some parameters) on #SCM who has signed up on Steemit and made at least one post. The Steem Greeter Fairy team will check that blog of the user and guide user to join the Newcomers community, will explain the achievement and 500 SP support program by adding a reply in the user's blog post.

Update 1: Steem blockchain APIs

  1. follow_api.get_following
  2. condenser_api.get_blog

Code Snippet for one of the Steemit API call

Request Call Setup

API Call from RestClient

Update 2: Getting the New Users list and their latest posts (it also contains spam posts)

I am able to get the list of New Steemit Users (still need to validate few things) and their latest posts. I need to write some more logic but below list will give an example of new User accounts and their recent/latest post.

Few examples:



Update 3 & Next Steps: Remove junk accounts/spam posts from this list.

  • I need to apply some logic to exclude all new junk accounts or posts from the list to keep it clean and make this useful for Steem Greeter Fairy team.
  • Need to keep this list automatically available through a background job to avoid load time.
  • A Database need to maintain in SCM tool.

Next set of activity will be defined later once above is accomplished. SCM UI development will be one of the major activity which will be done at last once correct data is made available by this program.

That was all the updates related to the Steemit New User Tracking feature. I would really appreciate any feedback/ suggestion on this.

Thank you!


**Note: All the screenshots are taken from my development machine.


This looks like it could be very useful indeed.

The Engineering Team are working on dealing with these spam accounts.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

Thank you.

It seems there are bots or programs which is creating these spam accounts and also making spam posts.

I think a trusted Captcha during signup or before publishing posts might be helpful.

I also understand that nowadays doing phone number code verification (already available on the Steemit signup page) and Captcha verification is easy but yeah, something would be needed to control this kind of spamming.

In the meantime are you happy for us to flag the shit out of these scam accounts?


Good development happening here, i have noticed in the past week more spam being put on the blockchain 😡

I am flagging them and encourage others to as well 👮‍♂️

thanks so much for the list of accounts, i am going to have a look at some of these

You are doing great work brother. I will offer you some 🍫 haha.

If we can add "Active User" thing to this it will be great, as in the Spreadsheet every week the Greeter team check and update the status of active/dormant


Steem on.

Yes, Sapwood.

This is also one of the features which I am planning to work on and add in SCM.

Currently, I am unable to find Steemit APIs which returns all users country-wise as the Country field is not a mandatory field on the Steemit user profile page.

Another option is to import the current Steem Greeter's sheet and SCM can generate the report with active/dormant count. I will share more details through the updates post.

Thank you!

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