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Hi there, please can you help? I have followed the instructions in creating the TRX account but now have 1.380 TRX rewards that will not redeem to my wallet. Also why does the key still show after I have saved the keys downloaded on PDF?


Did you update your TRON account ??

Yes, I did.

Once you start claim your reward, do not update your tron account. Otherwise, all TRX will gone . The newly created TRON account will keep not your previous TRX on it, which means new TRON account will have zero asset unless you claim again.

Won't the TRX still be in the old account though? You can transfer from there can't you?

I ask because I updated about 3 times last night because each time I claimed rewards, they did not show up. I went and updated thinking that was important. Now I have 4 tron accounts. LOL. I have not updated since, but each time I claim rewards. I still get nothing. My current TRX assets in all accounts are 0

Do you guys have any plans of integrating a TRX/STEEM internal market in our steemit wallet, similar to what we have in our wallet with STEEM/SBD internal market? It would really help to have a way to go from steem to trx or from trx to steem internally in our steemit wallet. Thanks.

It looks like there is now a bug with the latest update to the TRX earnings. When a user clicks "redeem rewards" the balance appears to be claimed but it doesn't go to the balance in the users tron wallet below. It just disappears. Looking at the transaction on tronscan and it looks like there was no transaction to that wallet at all. Looks like the bug started about 6-7 hours ago.

will take a look.

Thanks. Appreciate it @spidemen

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