Learning Laravel PHP Framework is really interesting

Hey guys,

This time I'm not coming with an amazing announcement of a new tool, just I want to share with you the experiences I got during learning Laravel Framework for PHP a programming language that I really love.

Let's talk first about PHP, this is a server-side programming language that is mostly used for website development such e-commerce, bloggin, banking or any big platform that run in the browser. This is the language I'm currently using in my University.

Laravel is a PHP Framework, a Framework is a group of source code maintained by a community to work under an standard of rules and make things the most easier as possible for every developer to create their own code and read the codes from other devs.

In the University the method of teach a programming language is to send a lot of PDF files which in the most of the cases contain a lot of irrelevant information that make the student feel scared, due to this since my start here I miss all these useless files and start self taught learning, specially using Youtube videos cause is a very dynamic method to learn something.

During my first experience learning Laravel I used the following video:

This is 1 hour and 44 minutes where the guy explain all Laravel basic while we create together a tasks manager in a local server. You will be surprised but I finished this video after 8 hours and maybe you are asking How is it possible? well, that's basically cause everything I see that's everything that I use and experiment doing different things to see how it works exactly and develop my logic a bit more.

Things I have learned

  • Artisan usage.
  • Migrations.
  • Blade templates motor usage.
  • Basic Laravel structure.
  • Setting a basic Laravel CRUD.

First impressions


My first impression was to be scared about all the folders and files that you get while installing laravel in your project, but the first step was understand the neccesary about artisan to run our PHP server cause it don't use the conventional apache service.

We start exploring our folders to try to understand a bit of what is going on here , first of all we get involved with artisan to start creating models and controllers in the App folder as we are working with a MVC pattern design to separate our backend for the front end.

Once runned our Laravel server with php artisan serve command we can access via localhost, if we look at route folder we will have a web.php file which I started feeling good and it is something like work with express in Javascript so I can understand it easily.


That's the website I created today.

And after understanding everything well I started coding my first Laravel project which is the tasks manager showed before. Another thing that I was amazed to learn was the migrations system, it is bassically a abstraction layer to avoid using any SQL sentences and automatically create our database using PHP and anything else.

I feel so good after starting my curve learning of Laravel, I feel that the PHP becomes so powerful as we avoid doing too much things that we do using plain PHP. I still have a long way to run but it was a good starting for me. If you want I have uploaded this code to Github, if you want to check and test it.



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