Weekly Worldbuilding Prompt - 1

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Announcing Weekly Worldbuilding Prompts

Please consider joining the Worldbuilding Community

I have developed a bot! It's a silly bot based off my dog that doesn't serve much purpose at all aside from teaching me python. But I did have the bright idea to shove a slightly modified worldbuilding questionnaire into her and then breaking those questions up into little worldbuilding prompts. Anyone participating in the prompt challenge please leave a link to your post here and I'll drop you some Worldbuilding Tokens for your efforts! If you wish to run your own MillieBot you can find a link to her github page below.

A little side note on Worldbuilding tokens, they can be staked on steem-engine which will allow you to earn more Worldbuilding tokens by using and upvoting the tag #worldbuilding

Back onto the prompt. It's pretty simple. Every Sunday (yes I know it's wednesday today. I just couldn't wait for sunday to start. I want to write! I'M A PEACOCK YOU GOTTA LET ME FLY!) a new random worldbuilding related prompt will be released. The MillieBot will be asked for a prompt, I will post a screenshot of it and we get to town writing. It's not going to be easy. Some of my dry runs were quite challenging and forced me to think about aspects of my world that I hadn't considered. Once you get the prompt, start writing and post it to this community. Leave a comment here with a link too and I'll try to... oh, yeah, already went over that. I look forward to seeing how my world differs from your own.

Here is your first prompt.

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Prompt: Does the leader have special protection (Kingsguard, Secret Service)?

  • Pick a leader from your world
  • Start writing
  • Use the prompt #worldbuilding
  • Include a link to this post if you feel so inclined

The current Monthly Map Melee Contest is on hold until further notice due to the turmoil surrounding Tron and Steem.

If for some reason you wish to run your own MillieBot she can be found ongithub. You will need to find how to run a discord.py bot yourself, but believe me it's super easy. I don't have experience coding and I did it. You can too. Learn something new today!

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A very reasonable question. Funny I wrote something about a leader of mine today. But he's a special case and I would like to find the time and tell you about another one.

I will always happy to hear about another one. We have no requirements to post here or expectations of people participating in challenges or contests.

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