First visible post on Steem Poll

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This is the very first poll that is visible on Steem Poll. This is my First DApp. So, it might be a bit buggy. Do use the voting options and let me know if the DApp is usable or not.



The current features are usable!!

Ah, this is interesting: The poll is shown as comment.
Nice feature. In this way, you can see whether the person voting belongs to the community, for example, if it is an internal community election.
I am curious to see what happens next, dear @starlord28. And I'm excited to use your tool for the first time in the near future!
Thank you for developing this DApp!

Woohoo!!! The first person to vote using SteemPoll!! So, in the near future, there will be a filter that would also help you consider votes based on a user's reputation, his/her SP, etc (Haven't worked out all the filter parameters yet).

Additionally, there is also going to be a feature wherein the creator of the Poll can set if they want the voters to remain anonymous or not. If they choose to make all votes anonymous, then the votes of the users would be encrypted. The comment you see would be showing up as Voted. However, internally, only SteemPoll DApp would know who voted for what.

Additionally, this is just the MVP to get the feedback from users and to improve on it. I would have a more visual spread of votes once the Poll expires(Will be released in the next couple of weeks).

Finally, I am working on adding support to mobile users right now. The current MVP sucks big time for mobile users(Because it requires Keychain). So, that is my main priority right now.

PS: Editing the comment on Steemit after you voted on SteemPoll will result in the vote being disqualified right now. This means that you would have to revote if you edited the comment on Steemit. I will be patching that up along with the mobile support.

I will be providing a more detailed roadmap on all features I have planned for SteemPoll sometime this week.

Also, happy new year!

The current features are usable!!

The current features are usable!!

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