Guess the May 8 BTC value of powered-up STEEM

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For entertainment purposes only! What is your guess?

At download time today (13:46 US/Eastern) for the post Steem Total Value Powered Up - $67 million - May 1, 2022, the modeled value of powered-up STEEM was 1,756 BTC. Will next week's observed value be over or under 1,756 BTC?

The poll closes on May 7 at 13:46 (US/Eastern, I presume...)


Data will be collected as scheduled from the STEEM blockchain and the web site at 13:46 on Sunday, May 8.
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BTC value of powered up steem will stay under 1756 BTC on may 8 but it will increase in 25 may. I have tried to give a vote but can't. Thank you.

Under: The modeled value will be 1,755 BTC or lower

Under I say 1,755 BTC. Because there is a critical meeting this week. A decline is expected. I think this way as Steem will experience more declines compared to BTC.

Over: The modeled value will be 1,757 BTC or higher

Thanks for updated information.

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