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A wonderful and beautiful day here.
As I was strolling yesterday in the streets of Genesis Subdivision, Basak Lapulapu City. I thought of looking for any red flower along the road.
But I found more beautiful flowers than I expected.

As I searched on its name , it is called "Lobster Claw"
It swings beautifully . Some hid on its long banana-like leaves
This plant can be seen almost everywhere in the Philippines. Because it loves sunlight.
But also it needs good supply of water to be able to survive.

How I wish I could see more of it. But at present, I just saw only a few of it maybe because the garden where it grows had no one living in the house. But it survives dependent on nature alone
Hope everyone sees the simplicity of beauty in nature.
Thank you for dropping by.

Hi to @jes88 @kyrie1234 @ sweetspicy @steemitcebu @georgie84

 8 months ago 

This is kinda rare flower, i never seen before any where , thanks for sharing it here

Yes mam , it can be found here in our country Philippines

 8 months ago 

unique flower mam

Yes mam jess naa ra sa kilid kilid pero tagsa ra mamulak

Yes mam jess naa ra sa kilid kilid pero tagsa ra mamulak

 8 months ago 

Hello @sweetmaui01,

Entry #8

This flower is really beautiful and is perfect for flower arrangement esp in church. Thank you for your entry dam. Keep steeming!

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I guess you had forgot your tags dear

Thank you mam, i thought i did it but i forgot maybe because i was very busy at those time

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